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Cold & Freezer Rooms

We manufacture insulated panels for small domestic & commercial cold & freezer rooms from size 2m x 2m x 2m (h) up to 100m x 20m x 4m (h) or any multi room packing/processing station, abattoir, kitchen or Glass Door Cold Room required.

You tell us your requirements and we can plan, design, manufacture and install the entire unit, complete with the refrigeration machinery required to maintain the structure and/or product at a specific temperature.

Ref-Air’s major projects include the construction and Refrigeration of the Harare International Airport Uplift Catering Facility. This combined project of design, manufacture and installation is easily the largest facility of its type in the country, incorporating 32 Cold and Freezer Rooms with a central plant room. 150 tons of foam injected Polyurethane and Chromadek sheeting went into the paneling for rooms, corridors and ceilings.

Recently Ref-Air manufactured and installed a large scale broiler battery shed (chicken coup) measuring 97,2m (L), 9,2m (W), 4,26m (h), capable of housing and controlling temperature for rearing 40,000 chickens.